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High Pressure and Low Pressure Failures: Air conditioning repair Denver

by Weatherwise on 06/23/11

The refrigerant circuit for an air conditioning system is divided into two sides.  The high pressure side and the low pressure side.  The refrigerant pressures are typically measured at the service valves at the ac condenser.  The high side is located at the smaller refrigerant line known as the liquid line, and the low side service valve is located on the bigger refrigerant line called the suction line.  The suction line can also be identified by the pipe insulation (armaflex) around the line. The high side pressure in the HVAC industry is identified as the head pressure and the low side pressure is called the suction pressure.  To keep it simple, think of the high side as the pressure and temperature of the outdoor condenser and the low side as the pressure and temperature of the indoor evaporator coil. (Located adjacent to the furnace)

Examining Typical Pressure Failures:  Ac repair Denver

High Pressure Failure
1. Condenser fan defective
2. Run capacitor defective
3. Dirty condenser coil
4. Defective compressor valve
5. Excessive refrigerant
6. Restriction in refrigerant circuit ( thermal expansion valve, liquid line filter drier, piston, filter screen)
If an air conditioner is not equipped with a high pressure safety, catastrophic damage can occur if the ac system is not turned off.  Most modern compressors are equipped with an internal thermal overload if it overheats due to high head pressure.

Low Pressure Failure
1. Defective indoor blower motor
2. Defective run capacitor
3. Dirty evaporator coil
4. Dirty air filter
5. Low refrigerant charge
6. Restricted ducting - inadequate airflow

These are the most common types of high and low pressure refrigerant failures. Weatherwise strives to be the best HVAC repair company Denver has to offer. With our one year repair guarantee and diagnostic service guarantee, we can't be beat. Our experienced HVAC technicians and support staff have the know how and tools to get the job done right the first time. Feel free to call or email us anytime for any questions you may have.  All of our repairs are approved by the owner before any work is done. Check out our facebook for up to date specials and coupons.

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